Northwest Montana is home to the Kokanee Salmon.  The Kokanee is a land locked version of the Sockeye Salmon and was introduced to Flathead Lake in 1914, but now they are fairly wide spread.  Although the Kokanee are very elusive… Read more »

Multi-Species Adventures

Anglers who just enjoy fishing using any number of techniques will appreciate a day out on one of our best bodies of water where the “bite is on”.  Whether it is spin fishing, jigging or fly fishing for Black Crappie,… Read more »

Lake Superior Whitefish

This species offers excellent table fare as well as great sport! Several lakes around the Flathead Valley contain large populations of this species.  Jigging for them during the summer or float fishing for them on the rivers during their fall… Read more »

Large & Small Mouth Bass

Pound for pound there is no other fish with as much heart as the bass.  Catching these fish on open water with a fly rod is an unforgettable thrill.  Check with us to see if the bite is on during… Read more »

Northern Pike

This aggressive predator is a formidable foe for the angler. Whether you enjoy stripping flashy streamers with a fly rod or pitching plugs and crank baits with a spinning outfit CMGS has a water body for you.  Enjoy fishing from… Read more »

Trophy Cutthroat Trout

The still water lakes around the Flathead valley with their rich bio mass offers some of the largest specimens of fish species. This fact is never more true then when it comes to the Westlope Cutthroat Trout.  A true Montana… Read more »

Arctic Grayling

The Arctic Grayling is a species native to northern north America.  Montana is the only one of the lower 48 states to have a population of these unique salmonids.  Only found in a scattering of lakes in the northwestern part… Read more »

Premium Float/Fishing

Nothing compares to float/fly-fishing on moving water. The action is non stop as anglers target areas with their casts as they pass through some of the most beautiful country on earth.  More need not be said except that this is… Read more »