The Northwest Fly Fisherman

One evening I arrived home to find a message on my machine from the Seattle based magazine, Northwest Fly Fishing ( NWFF ), requesting CMGS to guide one of their photographers and journalists on a float trip on the Swan River for a possible article.  I had read and respected the publication for a while and felt of all the magazines dealing with fly fishing, this one was truly written for and by anglers.

The call back informed me about the plan in detail.  They intended to write an article on either the Bitterroot River or Blackfoot River and thought that since they would be in the area why not try the Swan.  Arrangements had been made with two other Outfitters for the aforementioned rivers.   

The day came and I met Steve and Mike at the rendezvous spot.  They were both affable and professional.  I could tell they were both road weary as much as I was exhausted by the rigors of the season.    

We loaded the camera equipment and fishing gear needed for the day.  With Mike fishing and Steve snapping pictures we shoved off.  Mike placed the fly with precision to all the targeted areas and success was had.  Within 3 hours they had everything they needed for a story.  We broke for lunch, swapped tales and went home.

A couple weeks later I received a call that they would use this day for their article.  The Piece ran in the “ Around the Northwest “ section of the May/June 2019 issue.

About a month ago I was called again from NWFF.  This time we plan to do a story on Pike fishing The Flathead River.  Look for this to come out in 2021.